Our firm represents the results of three generations of our family. George Knight founded our firm in 1954 while earning his degree in Accounting at San Jose State University after returning from service in Korea. In his gruff way, he taught us by example to care for our clients as well as take care of their problems. Family matters to us; ours as well as those of our clients.

We have been steadily growing for over 50 years. Our growth has been based on a continual investment of time and resources in professional continuing education and state-of-the-art computer technology. Training and experience results in getting the job done.

We now have two separate office locations and are fully integrated between offices and operate effectively as a single unit, distributing the work as needed. We believe in the aggressive application of technology when it is the appropriate tool, and assist our clients to do the same.

We are two partners with seven full-time year round staff plus additional part-time specialists and support.

We are proud of our staff members. Our staff are exposed to a very wide variety of clients and requirements and bring that experience as well as their ongoing training to each and every engagement.

We are Knight & Company.